The Riders

Ty Anthony Bereskie (Age 20)

Ty is a junior at the University of Vermont in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources where he is pursuing a dual degree in Environmental Science and Recreation Management.  Living in Burlington, VT for a majority of the year, he has become an avid skier and participates in the UVM Ski and Snowboard Club as well as the UVM Club Football Team.

Cancer has played a major role in Ty’s life, with his grandmother, Lilian Bereskie, dying from the disease when Ty was younger.  Ty says, “The Pink Pedal will be a great way for me to give back to the community, assist in the fight against cancer, and honor the memory of my grandmother.”

Travis Michael Brown (Age 21)

Travis is a junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder and is pursuing a degree in Advertising.  Currently living at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in CO, Travis is very adventurous and enjoys skiing, rock climbing, and mountain biking.

Travis is fully aware of the challenge ahead and says, “No doubt, the Pink Pedal is going to be a challenge and I’m glad it gives me the opportunity to give back to a cause that affects so many people, including my own family.  To this day, members of my family are being effected by cancer and The Pink Pedal will allow me to fight for the cure.  While pedaling from state to state I plan to help raise awareness and as much money as possible towards the fight against breast cancer.”

John Robert Anczarski (Age 19)

John is a junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder majoring in Chemical and Biological Engineering.  As an Eagle Scout, John knows that preparation and desire, along with commitment, is required to make something important happen in the world today.  John knows that it is his generation that will have the greatest impact on the fight against breast cancer.

Each of John’s grandparents has passed away from some form of cancer.  Their struggle has powerfully influenced his decision in biking across America to help aid victims in their own battle with cancer.  John says, “I am eager to dedicate my time and energy for this journey by helping those who are dealing with cancer.  The Pink Pedal serves as an opportunity for me to raise funds and show my support.”

Nicholas Ryan Gober (Age 21)

Nicholas is a senior at The Pennsylvania State University majoring in Finance in the Smeal College of Business.  Always ready to take on new tasks, Nicholas considers himself a very outgoing and motivated person who enjoys anything that keeps his mind and body active.

Nicholas has always wanted to do something that would benefit the population as a whole and said, “Cancer is something that affects all of our lives in some way, shape, or form.  I could not think of a better group of friends who I would like to embark on this charitable journey with.  I’m positive we can make it through this together and help fight this terrible disease.”


9 Responses to “The Riders”

  1. Rita Baldino Says:

    Hi John , Ty and friends,

    Thanks for doing this. Good job, boys. (John’s Aunt Rita)

  2. Gina Manganiello Says:

    Thank you boys for saving the tats ! :]

  3. Toni Bereskie Says:

    I am proud and humbled, but, not at all surprised at what these young men are doing for women and families affected by breast cancer,

    I have watched each one of them grow and mature, navigating life head on, seemingly without fear, and bouncing back stronger with each setback and disappointment. I have listened to their ideas and their dreams and I have watched as they worked to make them a reality. Oh, did I mention their ability to really know how to have fun? A combo like this equals success without a doubt.

    This cause also holds a special place in my heart as I watched the disease take the life of my best friend when we were in our 20s. I always told her she was a special angel of God and I have a feeling she will be your angel who will protect and guide you during this challenging journey.

    God bless each and every one of you and may you receive as many blessings as you will be giving others.


  4. Shelley Bright Says:

    Good luck and have a GREAT journey! Raising Awareness and getting donations if WONDERFUL! You are a good group of guys with supporting family & friends!

  5. Kathleen Mattu Says:

    I’ve been following your journey, keep up the good work. I am proud of you all.

    Aunt Kathleen

  6. J.D. Wall Says:

    Great job- we’re keeping tabs on you from half-way around the world! Best of luck to all of you.

    J.D. Wall

    (formerly of Pottsville – PAHS 1963)

  7. Jacobo de la Serna Says:

    As a fellow cyclist and someone who has been personally touched by family and friends who have survived and died from cancer; I am humbled by their efforts.

    I am also crushed by the recent tragic death of John. I live in the state of New Mexico and am a member of the Bicycle Coalition of NM, who is an organization dedicated to promoting safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

    On behalf of all of us in NM and the BCNM, I extend our sincerest condolences to the Anczarski Family and Johns Friends.

    My personal prayers go out to you at this time.

  8. Kenneth Townsend Says:

    I am the person you met at Santa Rosa, MN from Auburn, PA.

    Your trip and effort touched me as I am a cancer survivor and my daughter is a cancer survivor (two Times).

    It was a shock to read of the accident in the paper. I’m so sorry for each of you and the family. Words don’t express the heart felt pain. We will never understand why this happened until we meet God in person. It just seems to me that God needed John’s services, because of all the good things he was accomplishing. My prayers are with all of you.
    God Bless each of you and God bless those who strive for a cure to cancer! Ken

  9. Natasha Immaraj Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about John’s tragic death on the road. I was forwarded his story by a fellow teammate. We are also riding our bikes to raise awareness about cancer prevention and raise money for cancer research. We are currently on day 30 of 70, riding from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska.

    Because we share a connection for riding for the same cause, I want to tell you how proud we are of all four of you. Even though you lost a friend in the battle, you have all been so selfless in dedicating your ride to such a cause and I thank you for that. God is taking care of John now.

    We will all be riding for John and the riders of the Pink Pedal. If there’s anything we can do, let us know.

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