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Day 19

June 12, 2010

The last few days we have not had a great internet connection, so we havn’t been able to get pictures and detailed posts up.  However, while we havn’t been able to update, we HAVE been spreading the word of The Pink Pedal!  So here is a long blog update with lots of pictures to catch everyone up on our last few days.

Route 66 Drive-in

John has an audience.

We spent Tuesday night camping out at a local Wal-Mart and we were bombarded by a thunderstorm that woke us up early in the morning.  The wind slammed into our tents into dawn and we all ended up soaking wet along with all of our tents and gear.  After the deaths recently associated with the flash floods in Arkansas, we were all happy that we decided to camp on high ground…although a bed and a roof over our heads would have been much better.

Travis drying out the tent after the storms.

We spent Wednesday with Luke Hasenberg in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and enjoyed some much needed Sportscenter and some good Oklahoma pizza.

John over one of the few streams in Oklahoma.

We spent Thursday with Stuart and the Edwards family in Norman, Oklahoma.  He directed us to some of the best ice cream in town and gave us a few comfortable beds to sleep in.  His good friend Cooper escorted us throughout the Oklahoma University campus and gave us a VIP tour of all of the OU athletic facilities.  We had the chance to go to the top of of Oklahoma Memorial Stadium and even walk on the field!

John, Ty, and Travis in the Oklahoma Athletic Director’s cart.

Sooner Country!

“It is big….but it is no Beaver Stadium.”

J.R. is a rebel without a cause.

The tunnel

Trav and John running the hundred yard dash.

Today we spent all day battling a strong headwind/crosswind that was blowing us all over the road.  A strong headwind isn’t only physically demanding, but mentally demanding.  At least hills have an end, headwinds seem as if they never end.  For the first day in a week, there was also NO FLAT TIRES!!!

Only a train can stop us…momentarily of course

Nick loves biking!