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Day 14 – St. Louis, Missouri

June 6, 2010

We have officially been on the road two weeks and today we had the opportunity to see beautiful St. Louis after spending a night with the Ritter family of Bethalto, Illinois who were kind enough to take us in.  Thank you!

The Pink Pedal at the Ritter residence

After the Ritters took us out to a great local breakfast, we made our way across the mighty Mississippi River to St. Louis, which to our dismay was not as big as the geography textbooks from 8th grade made it appear.  It also was not as clean as I would have imagine it appeared when Louis and Clark journeyed to the west, but it was a symbol that we are making serious progress across the country.

Travis, Ty, and John looking at the Mississippi River.

We then passed by the St. Louis Arch, the gateway to the west.  We decided not to ride up to the top, because 40 dollars per person was just a little too steep for our budgets.  After crossing the Mississippi and passing under the Arch, we are officially going west.  MANIFEST DESTINY at its finest.  We checked out the museum under the arch, and enjoyed the beautiful day in the green around the monument.  St. Louis is an absolutely beautiful place.

John looking at “The Gateway to the West.”


“Check out the reflection in the shades.”

John trying to fit the whole Arch in a picture.

Travis catching up on the cell with his mom.

While in St. Louis we heard the fireworks and cheer of a home run hit at the Cardinals game in Busch Stadium, had a homeless man try to steal Nick’s camera, and ate a great lunch buffet at Sweet Tomatoes (Thank you Derron).  We told many people of our story and spread the word of The Pink Pedal to some of the fine folks of St. Louis and received some generous offers for food and a place to stay.

We even had the local REI tune up our bikes for us free of charge, thanks.

I feel as if every single day we are making a bigger (albeit still small) impact on the world around us.  It is human nature to help those who cannot help themselves, and I hope this trip and our trials and tribulations pay off and the money we raise goes to finding a cure to breast cancer.

Keep supporting us because there is nothing that will stop us from getting to California and nothing will stop us from raising as much as we can to help the fight against breast cancer.