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Hot Air Balloon Champagne Ride

June 20, 2010

While in Albuquerque, we had the opportunity to go on a hot air balloon.  Albuquerque is known for it’s HUGE hot air balloon festival and is the mecca of ballooning in the United States.  Knowing this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, we welcomed the chance with open arms and eagerly awaited Saturday morning to set off to the skies.

We awoke around 5:45 A.M. to be ready for a 6:45 departure. In the hot summer months, ballooning must be done before it gets too hot.  The weather was perfect and barely any wind, perfect ballooning conditions.

Ty and Travis on the way to the departure site with the family.

We made our way to the departure area and worked with the crew to set the hot air balloon up.  Even though we were the only four going up (not including our pilot), there was a large support team out there helping set everything up and to chase the balloon.

The Pink Pedal with our pilot Elaine on the balloon.

Ty and Travis were the first to set off to the sky and left the ground to a cheering crowd of the balloon crew and Pink Pedal supporters.

Ty and Travis about to set off.

And we’re off…

After a half hour ride, we set down in a small commercial plaza and after getting out of the basket we couldn’t stop smiling.  It was truly an amazing experience.  Next it was John and Nick’s turn.  

Nick and John in the skies above Albuquerque.

The view from above

Sharing the skies!

After what only seemed liked a few moments, they were back on the ground and our ballooning adventure was over.  All that was left was to pack up the balloon.

The crew squeezing and packing the balloon up.

Folding it into the bag.

The Pink Pedal compresses the balloon for a snug fit.

After the ride and packing up, the group went to a nice park near Rio Ranchero and had a breakfast.  Here we were officially sworn in as honorary members of the balloon crew.  Now, they don’t call it a “Champagne Ride” for nothing.  Our great pilot pulled out a bottle of Champagne to celebrate our first ever hot air balloon ride.  We thought you are supposed to drink it to celebrate…

First we had to try and catch the cork

Then we were told to drink from the cup with no hands as tradition states!

THEN THIS…Our first ride, our champagne ride!

The crew soaked us with champagne to our surprise and we officially became members of the I am Banana’s II hot air balloon crew with balloon pins to show it!

Travis receiving a congratulatory hug.

Nick receiving his pin.

Expect videos from the balloon soon!

New Mexico has amazing sunsets.