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Day 8

May 31, 2010

Three Rivers, Michigan was a great stop on the journey.

We eat ALOT!

The van!

We  were forced to spend the night camping out at a Wal-Mart parking lot after other offers we received fell through.  Following a fine Wal-Mart breakfast, we set out towards the west!  We had a great ride regardless of the hot and humid temperatures and the countless detours we were forced to make because of roads prohibiting non-motor vehicles.

We also got to swim in Lake Michigan, which looks as big as an ocean from the shores of Michiana, Michigan .  It was cold but refreshing after a long ride and counted as our shower for the day!

We are now in Chicago!  Thank you Daisy Sanko for the place to stay and for giving up your bed so Travis and Ty could sleep on it!  I would also like to thank Jacques Eady for helping us out figure out a parking situation on the streets of Chicago. Apparently having a trailer in Chicago during Memorial Day Weekend can be considered suspicious and dangerous (Regardless of all of the Pink Pedal stickers).  Look for The Pink Pedal to be featured in The Chicago Tribune in the near future.