Day 19

June 12, 2010

The last few days we have not had a great internet connection, so we havn’t been able to get pictures and detailed posts up.  However, while we havn’t been able to update, we HAVE been spreading the word of The Pink Pedal!  So here is a long blog update with lots of pictures to catch everyone up on our last few days.

Route 66 Drive-in

John has an audience.

We spent Tuesday night camping out at a local Wal-Mart and we were bombarded by a thunderstorm that woke us up early in the morning.  The wind slammed into our tents into dawn and we all ended up soaking wet along with all of our tents and gear.  After the deaths recently associated with the flash floods in Arkansas, we were all happy that we decided to camp on high ground…although a bed and a roof over our heads would have been much better.

Travis drying out the tent after the storms.

We spent Wednesday with Luke Hasenberg in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and enjoyed some much needed Sportscenter and some good Oklahoma pizza.

John over one of the few streams in Oklahoma.

We spent Thursday with Stuart and the Edwards family in Norman, Oklahoma.  He directed us to some of the best ice cream in town and gave us a few comfortable beds to sleep in.  His good friend Cooper escorted us throughout the Oklahoma University campus and gave us a VIP tour of all of the OU athletic facilities.  We had the chance to go to the top of of Oklahoma Memorial Stadium and even walk on the field!

John, Ty, and Travis in the Oklahoma Athletic Director’s cart.

Sooner Country!

“It is big….but it is no Beaver Stadium.”

J.R. is a rebel without a cause.

The tunnel

Trav and John running the hundred yard dash.

Today we spent all day battling a strong headwind/crosswind that was blowing us all over the road.  A strong headwind isn’t only physically demanding, but mentally demanding.  At least hills have an end, headwinds seem as if they never end.  For the first day in a week, there was also NO FLAT TIRES!!!

Only a train can stop us…momentarily of course

Nick loves biking!


Video update from the St. Louis area

June 10, 2010

Recent Media

June 9, 2010

The Pink Pedal was featured on WPGU 107.1 in Champaign, Illinois by DJ Grego on June 3rd.  You can listen to the interview on The217 website HERE.  Thank you E-Tiger for hooking us up!

Thanks to Barbie Hasenberg, we were also showcased in the Daily Herald.  You can read that article HERE.

Look for a post about our last few days when we get a decent connection to upload some videos and pictures!!

Day 15 & 16 – Missouri

June 8, 2010

Day 15 covered a distance of about 109 miles through Missouri.  NEWS FLASH: Missouri is full of very steep hills.  Every mile was filled with beautiful farm landscapes with little civilization in any direction. The road kill in Missouri was quite different from the previous states, consisting mostly of crushed turtles and not to mention one poor armadillo.

The previous nights sleeping arrangement left us high on life, only to fall back when we found ourselves troubling to find a town with a population greater than 600 people.  Our ending point on day 15 was Iberia, Missouri. With nothing more than two gas stations and a closed super market we didn’t have many options for a place to stay. Luckily a local was nice enough to offer us his yard to set up our tents for the night.  Little did we know he owns the loudest rooster on record…at least we didn’t have to set our alarms.

Thanks to the rooster we were able to get a good jump on the next day bright and early.  We continued inching closer and closer to California.

John has a bad case of helmet hair

The Cows.

Ty doing his best cow call.

Once Ty finished calling in the cattle, we made a team decision to ride further south to journey into the depths of Oklahoma rather than Kansas. We ended day 16 in south west Missouri, from which we will soon cross into Kansas briefly before venturing through Oklahoma followed by Texas and New Mexico.  Sorry Kansas, maybe next time.

Day 14 – St. Louis, Missouri

June 6, 2010

We have officially been on the road two weeks and today we had the opportunity to see beautiful St. Louis after spending a night with the Ritter family of Bethalto, Illinois who were kind enough to take us in.  Thank you!

The Pink Pedal at the Ritter residence

After the Ritters took us out to a great local breakfast, we made our way across the mighty Mississippi River to St. Louis, which to our dismay was not as big as the geography textbooks from 8th grade made it appear.  It also was not as clean as I would have imagine it appeared when Louis and Clark journeyed to the west, but it was a symbol that we are making serious progress across the country.

Travis, Ty, and John looking at the Mississippi River.

We then passed by the St. Louis Arch, the gateway to the west.  We decided not to ride up to the top, because 40 dollars per person was just a little too steep for our budgets.  After crossing the Mississippi and passing under the Arch, we are officially going west.  MANIFEST DESTINY at its finest.  We checked out the museum under the arch, and enjoyed the beautiful day in the green around the monument.  St. Louis is an absolutely beautiful place.

John looking at “The Gateway to the West.”


“Check out the reflection in the shades.”

John trying to fit the whole Arch in a picture.

Travis catching up on the cell with his mom.

While in St. Louis we heard the fireworks and cheer of a home run hit at the Cardinals game in Busch Stadium, had a homeless man try to steal Nick’s camera, and ate a great lunch buffet at Sweet Tomatoes (Thank you Derron).  We told many people of our story and spread the word of The Pink Pedal to some of the fine folks of St. Louis and received some generous offers for food and a place to stay.

We even had the local REI tune up our bikes for us free of charge, thanks.

I feel as if every single day we are making a bigger (albeit still small) impact on the world around us.  It is human nature to help those who cannot help themselves, and I hope this trip and our trials and tribulations pay off and the money we raise goes to finding a cure to breast cancer.

Keep supporting us because there is nothing that will stop us from getting to California and nothing will stop us from raising as much as we can to help the fight against breast cancer.

Day 13 and Bethalto, Illinois

June 4, 2010

Today was one of the most beautiful yet toughest rides of the trip thus far.

We faced strong headwinds throughout the entire journey and temperatures were reaching the upper 90s all along Route 66.  It was a relief for all of us when we reached the Ritter household.

We would like to thank George and JoAnn Ritter for giving us a place to stay and ordering us some of the best pizza in all of Illinois along with some great hospitality.

To anyone trying to contact Ty….his phone still hasnt’ been repaired or replaced so if its important you can call one of the other guys or email him at

Here We Come St. Louis

June 3, 2010

Our day started by being awoken by the sprinklers spraying our tent and us ultimately arriving in Champaign, Illinois.  Champaign is a college town being home to the University of Illinois.

Thanks to Erik Hasenberg we had the pleasure of going on the radio – WPGU 107.1 to be exact.  We ate Gyros, they were good!

We are now in Decatur, Illinois also known as “The Soy City” and well on our way to St. Louis (99.6 miles away approximately).  After a night of camping at the local Wal-Mart we were in dire need of a shower.

After going through every hotel in a 10 mile area and every single one being well out of our price range, we finally got an offer by a local to crash at their place.

We are continuing our journey towards St. Louis, Missouri from Champaign, Illinois.

More on the last few days and plenty of pictures later.

Buffalo Grove and The Chicago Tribune

June 1, 2010

The Pink Pedal cruised from Chicago to the suburb of Buffalo Grove in what seemed like record time.  We were all anxious to meet Barbie and the rest of the crew she had to greet us at our stop so we really pushed it to get there.  With about a mile to go before we were to arrive, John suffered a flat tire after he fell into a massive pothole.  When we finally arrived in Buffalo Grove, we were greeted by Pink Pedal signs small and large directing us where to go.

They made us signs!!!

After following a few signs, we came around a turn and were greeted by 20+ people all taking our picture and cheering for us.  It was the biggest audience we’ve seen since we left the top of Ashland on Day 1.  It was amazing, and was a welcoming change from road raging people yelling at us to get off the road.

Coming into the neighborhood.

Once we stopped we met everyone and exchanged handshakes and hugs with everyone who helped to make it impossible.  There were also a ton more photos taken, but we didn’t mind one bit.

The Pink Pedal on Memorial Day!

After we settled down and showered, Barbie hosted an amazing barbeque in her beautiful backyard and we met a bunch of the locals and told them all about our cause.  We sold a bunch of shirts and received countless donations.  The Pink Pedal support was strong in Chicagoland.  We would like to thank Barbie and friends for the wonderful food, great atmosphere, and comfortable beds to sleep

Travis finally meeting Barbie!

We would also like to thank Gary Gilliam at The Praire House Tavern ( for the support!  He not only donated to the cause, but he also heavily discounted a meal at his restaurant (which was amazing by the way) and made us sandwiches for the ride tommorrow.

The Pink Pedal at The Prairie House

It didn’t end their however, Shelley Frain and Marci Paddock offered to pay for an hour long massage session at Zaza Salon and Day Spa ( for us, but the owner ultimately waived the charge for us.

First massages ever!

Our time in Buffalo Grove was memorable for sure!

Thanks to the hard work of Barbie Hasenberg and family, we wish you the best.  The Pink Pedal was featured in the Chicago Tribune today, June 1, 2010.  You can read the article HERE.

Ashland to Chicago

June 1, 2010

Here is a little video Ty put together documenting The Pink Pedal from the beginning in Ashland, Pennsylvania to Chicago, Illinois. It has been a great ride so far.

Thanks for the support!

Day 8

May 31, 2010

Three Rivers, Michigan was a great stop on the journey.

We eat ALOT!

The van!

We  were forced to spend the night camping out at a Wal-Mart parking lot after other offers we received fell through.  Following a fine Wal-Mart breakfast, we set out towards the west!  We had a great ride regardless of the hot and humid temperatures and the countless detours we were forced to make because of roads prohibiting non-motor vehicles.

We also got to swim in Lake Michigan, which looks as big as an ocean from the shores of Michiana, Michigan .  It was cold but refreshing after a long ride and counted as our shower for the day!

We are now in Chicago!  Thank you Daisy Sanko for the place to stay and for giving up your bed so Travis and Ty could sleep on it!  I would also like to thank Jacques Eady for helping us out figure out a parking situation on the streets of Chicago. Apparently having a trailer in Chicago during Memorial Day Weekend can be considered suspicious and dangerous (Regardless of all of the Pink Pedal stickers).  Look for The Pink Pedal to be featured in The Chicago Tribune in the near future.