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To contact The Pink Pedal about sponsorship opportunities, media opportunities, or for any other reason feel free to contact us via our group E-mail.
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If you would like to reach us individually you can E-mail us at:

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7 Responses to “To Contact Us”

  1. Carla Gettemeier Says:

    Heyy im the girl from mc Donalds, my mom changed her mind once she saw your web site. If you guys need a place to shower or sleep call 314-401-7177!

  2. Wendy Says:

    Have you guys thought about making an addition to the apparel. A lot of women, myself included, do not like t-shirts because we feel like we are being choked. If you would add a womens v-neck to the line, I would buy a couple.

  3. Ann Hofmann Says:

    I will be sending you an email also. I live in Western KY., Madisonville to be e2xact. We are about 50 miles from Indiana and about 60 miles from Tennessee. If you are going to be around this area, please stay with us. I am a 2yr. 4 month survivor of Breast Cancer. Would love to have you!

  4. richard Says:

    I really feel for John’s Parents.Iacn’t imagine making a trip to New Mexico only to say good-bye to their son. John and his freinds are only trying to do good. I pray for all of you guys and I know in my heart that John will be looking down on you and saying “you guys my ride is not over.”

  5. Tracy Says:

    I just want to send my thoughts prayers to you all, I felt so horrible to hear of the accident. All four of you are amazing for what you are trying to accomplish. Your caring, compassion, and sacrifice will not go unnoticed. This trip was a journey and I want you all to be never forget the fun memories of this trip and spending it with John. If you look back at people that have passed away they usually didn’t pass doing a goal or something that they loved doing. It sounds like all of you are selfless guys that have real passion and enjoye life, keep the memory alive and keep what is in your hearts a priority. I wish all of you luck on the rest of your journey and I thank you for making a difference in this fight for a cure. You all will be in my prayers.

  6. Gary Hagy Says:

    To the Pottsville Republican:

    Please print this addition to the John Anczarski news item. John was hit on Old US Route 66 near the village of New Laguna, NM, but reported on the news here as the town of Laguna, NM, on the Laguna Indian Reservation. It may be very hard to get further information as the reservation Police are notoriously reluctant to release information concerning incidents on the reservations.

    Gary Hagy
    Albuquerque, NM
    Hamburg, PA

  7. mike ferrand Says:

    my condolences to john’s family and friends. i’m sure his parents can be proud of the young man they raised. words are not enough to celebrate john’s life, i think he would want everyone to take time to think what they can do for their fellow man and take at least one step in that direction. that is a legacy to be proud of! as a pennslyvanian i would say he has made us all very proud.

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