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John’s dedication at North Schuylkill Baseball Pink Ribbon game.

May 10, 2011


Funeral Arrangements

June 29, 2010

The wake for John R. Anczarski will be held on Wednesday June 30, 2010 from 1 P.M. to 9 P.M.  It will be held in St. Johns Lutheran Church in Ringtown.

His funeral will take the following day (Thursday June 31, 2010) at 11 A.M.  It will be held at St. Johns Lutheran Church.

All are welcome to attend and celebrate the life of John Anczarski.

Day 7

May 29, 2010

Day 7 brought The Pink Pedal 109 miles from Ann Arbor to Three Rivers, Michigan.

Nick preparing to ride.

For the first time in days, we didn’t make a wrong turn and we ended up making great time despite the hot and humid conditions.  We almost ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere, but found a BP (even though they are singlehandedly destroying the Gulf Of Mexico) in the knick of time.

John and Nick at the Falling Water Trail

I think Michigan needs to be renamed “The Roadkill State,” because throughout our ride today I think we might have seen well over 50 individual dead animals roasting in the sweltering heat.  Scores of people asked about our trip and showed support for the cause.  We are fighting breast cancer in our own way and it is amazing to see people behind us.

Lunch and Twin Six waterbottles!

The Pink Pedal goes to Chicagoland tommorrow!  Keep rockin the shirts and showing support.

PS: To any concerned parents (Mainly Paul and Toni), Ty busted his phone today and is unable to answer any phone calls or check any messages.

Travis eating a Supreme Protein Raptor Bar while Ty realizes his phone is broken.

Day 4

May 28, 2010

On Day 4 of The Pink Pedal, we amassed a mere 8.7 miles.  Before looking too deeply into these numbers you must first understand the Ohio State Transportation Network.  In this state it appears that signs are put up randomly, often times pointing in random directions.  Of the 8.7 miles, 7 were in the wrong direction.  While trying to figure out how we missed a turn, Nick had his helmet and sunglasses stolen from the top of the trailer.

While we may not have gotten alot of riding done on day 4, we had our bikes fine tuned at a local shop, our trailer hitch raised at a local automobile repair shop, and even helped an older woman set up a yard sale.

Reloading and reorganizing the trailer after everything shifted around.

So before saying, “Oh The Pink Pedal did less than 10 miles today,” you must realize how much work really went into the day.

Fixing the trailer hitch at the local mechanic shop.

And we also slept in a tent behind a dumpster at a McDonalds in Aurora, Ohio….Thank you Ronald McDonald.

Day 3

May 26, 2010

Day 3 of The Pink Pedal was supposed to be a nice relaxing ride from Brookville, PA to Sharon, PA.  However, it turned out to be the most challenging ride of the entire trip thus far.  Every descent seemed to be followed by an even larger ascent and we were all pushed to our physical and mental limits.  With the temperatures in excess of 85 degrees, we went through water bottle after water bottle to stay hydrated on the 80 mile trip.

Travis on one of many hill climbs

In the morning we worked out a route, but little did we know that a shortcut Travis came up with would lead us on a three mile dirt road adventure that was a disaster waiting to happen.

Ty on the dirt road

Somehow we managed to survive the dirt road unscathed with all of our equipment intact and kept trucking towards Sharon.  The elevation profile we looked at prior to the ride, did not do the route justice whatsoever.

Travis and Nick cruising along

Regardless of the difficult route, the unfortunate detours, and the hot temperatures, Day 3 of The Pink Pedal was a success.  We saw some beautiful sights and met some great people.

J.R. Anczarski triumphs!

Day 2

May 25, 2010

We have limited internet here, but we will be sure to get a full update out to the world soon.  We received some charitable donations in Dubois, Pennsylvania and even sold a shirt to a nice waitress in Brookville, Pa.

The Pink Pedal at the Dubois Diner

Ty had some bike issues on the top of a mountain and was left alone to fix it as the other riders had already gone ahead.  With his chain popping and somehow jamming completely out of the rear derailer, it ended up taking around 30 minutes to repair with Steve having to backtrack in the van with a toolbox.

Ty’s Bike on Zion Mountain

After everything was put back in order, we finally made it to Brookville, Pa and finally organized the trailor once more at a beautiful park and fishing area.

The Pink Pedal at the park.

We spent the night camping out and talked to a few locals about the fight against breast cancer.  We couldn’t be more stoked than we are right now for the rest of this ride.  Expect pictures and a longer write-up soon.

Thank you for your support everyone!

Day 1

May 24, 2010

We suited up early and departed the top of Ashland at 8:00 A.M. to the cheers of a bunch of our supporters.  Ahead of us was 96.7 miles, a forecast of rain and thunderstorms, and the uncertainty of our first day of serious long distance riding.  None of us had even come close to a century ride before.

The Pink Pedal has officially begun!

What we found was a great, long ride and a few challenging climbs through the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Travis stretching out Ty’s hamstring.

Around the halfway point we stopped for lunch at a Subway.  We also want to say thanks to vitaminwater and Supreme Protein for helping us even last until lunchtime.

The rain poured on us during our biggest climb

We somehow made it to State College, Pa wet, tired, and hungry.  It was here we also realized that we have another month of this to look forward to.  There are a lot of challenges ahead, but we are ready for them.

Front Page of the Pottsville Republican and Herald
Tommorrow we had 85+ miles to Brookeville, Pa.  Stay Posted an thank you for all the support!

Smith Optics

April 28, 2010

The Pink Pedal is proud to announce that  Smith Optics ( has decided to sponsor our trip.  Look for the riders to be wearing Smith Optics sunglasses throughout the trip.

Thank You Smith Optics and everyone for your continued support!