Thank You

On behalf of everyone involved with The Pink Pedal we would like to say thank you for the tremendous support.  Every person that donated to the cause, bought a t-shirt, gave us somewhere to stay, and even left a comment on our website helped push The Pink Pedal to what it is today.  We  also can’t say enough to thank everyone who donated to help out the Anczarski family in their time of need.

The Pink Pedal has come a long way from an idea just thrown around in early January.  In a little over four months we successfully created and executed a cross county cycling trip to do what we could to help the fight for breast cancer.  The Pink Pedal was a lot more work than I think any of us imagined when we decided to go ahead with the idea.  Behind the scenes we were working day in and day out to get this up and running.  Knowing how many people we could potentially help really inspired us to push the project ahead.  We never would have thought that biking would actually be one of the easier parts of the trip (and by no means was it easy).

The hundreds of phone calls and emails showed us just how much work goes into a fundraiser of this magnitude.  We remember talking amongst ourselves that the IRS makes it really hard to do something good.  Learning all of the subtitles of tax exemption took weeks until we actually figured out to legally make The Pink Pedal.

Figuring out a breast cancer organization was also difficult as we needed to find one that could help us take secure online donations.  After calling what seemed like every cancer and breast cancer organization in the United States, Susan G. Komen for the Cure quickly became the obvious choice for our venture.  They had a great online infrastructure already set in place and we knew they could put the money we raised where it needed to go to make a difference.

After contacting countless companies in every industry imaginable and many frustrating days, we ended up with some great sponsors that helped make this trip a reality.  For every one company that agreed to help us, it was like 10 would say no right off the bat and 20 would never even call us back.  Gaining corporate support was much more difficult than any of us initially thought.  We were all in different parts of the country so organization could sometimes prove difficult, but in the end it all worked out for a departure in late May.  The Pink Pedal truly was the trip of a lifetime.

We all wanted to make a difference in the world and I think we have made a larger impact than we could have ever imagined.  Rest In Peace John.  Your sacrifices and the mark you left on the world will never be forgotten.

-Ty Bereskie



3 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Helen Says:

    Thank YOU all for everything you did! The sacrifices you made to help others will not be forgotten throughout our country and from all that followed you. Wishing you success in your future and all the you go on to achieve

  2. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:

    I need to tell you again, how proud I am to be your mom. I love you forever and always.

  3. Lisa Edmonds Says:

    Thank YOU for sharing your inspirational journey. The four of you will always be in our hearts and minds.

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