John Anczarski

John Anczarski was involved in a serious accident in Laguna, New Mexico and has passed away from serious trauma to the head. Rest In Peace. To support the Anczarski family in this difficult time you can send checks to:

John Anczarski
111 Valley Hill Road
Ashland, PA 17921

Make Check Out To: John Anczarski

Forever in our hearts and minds, Rest In Peace

John Robert Anczarski



57 Responses to “John Anczarski”

  1. Gary Gilliam Says:

    Barbie called me today to tell me about the accident, although I only met you for a brief moment I could do nothing but cry and say a prayer! IN that moment that we met you all touched my life in a very profound way! You are all in my thoughts and prayers, Dear Johnny Hold on, fight hard, come back!! Anything, absolutely anything I can do besides pray, my staff and I are here!

  2. Sherri Stewart-Buckmaster Says:

    Please pray for the Anczarski family… and if you have a PINK LIGHT BULB, let it shine!

  3. Perry Says:

    On behalf of the Roswell Bike Club (NM) I would like to extend our sincerest condolences to John’s family and friends.

  4. Shelley Ladd-Frain Says:

    Meeting John, Travis, Mark, & Ty at Barbie’s Bar-B-Q was to instantly hug & cry tears of joy…and show support to their mission. Tracking their journey and seeing their family, friends, and fans along the way…then now…we are deeply saddened by this tragedy

    Please pray for John’s family & friends…Travis, Mark & Ty.
    Our sincerest condolences to John’s family & friends.

  5. Courage (via The Pink Pedal) « Kathan Ink. Says:

    […] Rest In Peace. To support the Anczarski family in this difficult time you can send checks to: John Anczarski 111 Valley Hill Road Ashland, PA 17921 Make Check Out To: John Anczarski Forever in our hearts and minds, Rest In Peace John Robert Anczarski (August 16, 1990 – June 22, 2010) … Read More […]

  6. Helen Says:

    My deepest condolences to the Anczarski family and to each of you. You all touched us with your journey and your commitment to help others. Know that so many of us are thinking of you all and sending you our prayers.

  7. lisa zambito Says:

    I am so sorry for all involved. These boys are wonderful young men and their families should be proud. My thoughts and prayers go out to John’s immediate family and his extended “pink Pedal” family.
    I’m sure that you boys have left a lasting impression on everyone you have encountered on this journey.
    Lisa Zambito(Ty’s cousin from Buffalo)

  8. Randy Diddel Says:

    On behalf of Albuquerque cyclists, I offer my thoughts and condolences to John’s family and friends. I am riding for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and I admire John and his team’s efforts.


  9. w & d neiswender Says:

    to the anczarski family and friends,
    our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time
    what a tragedy, to lose such a caring young man
    take comfort in knowing others care
    and to have him live on with organ donation
    what an act of kindness
    god bless

  10. Jacqueline Brazil Says:

    Many many many prayers go out to all involved during this time. I am a cyclist and the granddaughter of Elaine Thacher, the woman who gave the guys a ride in the hot air balloon in Alb. NM. May John rest peacfully and look over and protect all the other cyclist.
    Many prayers sent your way from Lawrence, KS

  11. David Flores Says:

    I’m at a loss for what to say. My thoughts are with John’s family and fellow cyclists during this time.

  12. Pauly Says:

    Words cannot express the loss we all are feeling. My sincerest condolences to John, Joyce, Jamie and Jayden and all the Bonner, Anczarski and The Pink Pedal Families as well as the infinite number of friends that he has.
    Johnny is a truly unique wonderful young man who I feel proud and privileged to have known for 19 + years. God danced the day you were born and is dancing again, welcoming you into his Kingdom.

  13. Kim Chernosky Says:

    His is an angel on wheels. As an organ donor, part of his life will remain and give a new lease of life to others. My condolences to everyone who knew him. Although I did not know John, I do know breast cancer. He and the entire Pink Pedal team will be heroes to me.

  14. Carol Kalinich Says:

    To the entire family of John, what an awesome young man. What a shining example of unselfishness, the epitome of Wonderful. How very sad and unfair to lose him as he was trying to help others. I believe he made a difference and his memory will continue to live on. I am so very sorry for the loss of such a fantastic young man.

  15. Sharyn Powell Says:

    Our deepest sympathy to John’s family and friends. We just met John and the others a couple weeks ago in Buffalo Grove and were so impressed with what a great group of boys they were and what a wonderful thing they were doing. We know John will be missed by so many. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time.

    Sharyn and Mike Powell

  16. JoAnn Ritter Says:

    We are heartbroken and grieving with you and the Anczarski family. We so enjoyed your visit to our home in the St. Louis area and our thoughts and prayers are with you. Rest in peace, John.

  17. Renae Ortiz Says:

    My deepest sympathy, my thoughts and prayers are with John’s family, friends and loved ones.

  18. gatos4 Says:

    Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of this fine young man.

  19. Patrick Says:

    Just very sad to read this while sitting at my desk. This is horrible and my thoughts are with his fellow riders and family. All my best.

  20. On behalf of the Staff at Saint Catherine Medical Center Says:

    Our deepest sympathy is extended to the Anczarski family and John’s extended Pink Pedal family. A tragic end to a valiant journey. May God hold each of you in the healing palm of His hand during this most difficult time. A fundraiser is being conducted in our hospital to assist the Anczarski family.

  21. cyclist in NY Says:

    A yahoo ran the guy over? what the hell happened?

  22. Terry Graham Says:

    What a sad end to a heroic effort. So sorry to hear about this, and how fine a man John was. Marin County, CA biker

  23. Brendan and KayAnne Says:

    We are truly sorry for the loss of John. Our thougths and prayers are with his family and fellow riders at this time.

  24. Mozelle Says:

    I am so sorry to the family of John and his bicycle team mates. My deepest sympathy to all who where close to John and his cause.

  25. fish Says:

    so sorry to hear about this tragedy. thinking of John’s family and friends.

  26. The Anto Family Says:

    All our prayers and love are with the “Pink Pedal” and their families at this difficult time. We are so proud of your courage, selflessness, and willingness to help others.

  27. Lily Says:

    My deepest sympathy to John’s Family. A truly remarkable young man. God Bless you and keep you.

  28. Charity rides » Cyclelicious Says:

    […] John Anczarski. This 19 year old studen was bicycling cross country for the Pink Pedal Project when he was struck […]

  29. Adam Says:

    This is so sad.

    I’m sorry.

  30. Kelly A Rutan Says:

    Prayer for Johnny
    God our Father,
    Your power brings us to birth,
    Your providence guides our lives,
    and by Your command we return to dust.

    Lord, those who die still live in Your presence,
    their lives change but do not end.
    I pray in hope for Johnny’s family,
    relatives and friends,
    and for all the dead known to You alone.

    In company with Christ,
    Who died and now lives,
    may they rejoice in Your kingdom,
    where all our tears are wiped away.
    Unite us together again in one family,
    to sing Your praise forever and ever.


  31. J&S Bike 4 Charity Says:

    Just sending out our condolences from our Bike 4 Charity Team based in Kulpmont, PA. As a local team who is also riding this year for cancer awareness (Grassroots team for Livestrong) and having lost a mother from breast cancer, we were both impressed and excited to see a group of young riders doing something so great for the cause. Now this. It only drives home the fact that unfortunately, many drivers do not understand and or respect road riders and its a source of concern for our team. We are heartbroken over the news of the loss and it drove home the fact that it can happen to any of us unfortunately. Its a sad fact of road riding, especially painful in this case. We hope you all find strength in seeing how much this story has touched not only this area, but way beyond.

    Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and we are going to have a ride in honor of John next week and have forwarded his story to Livestrong. We are so sorry to hear of this, our hearts go out to your and your families.

  32. bryan Says:

    My heart reaches out to the Anzarkski family and his friends. As a fellow cyclist, I am especially touched. Born in New York, but living in LA, I am willing to finish the ride, in honor of this young man, if you wish. Just email me, and may God’s gentle blessings and comfort flow to his family and all those involved.


    • a friend Says:

      bryan u are an awesome man for offer this it gave me chills

    • steveofnm Says:

      I live in ABQ and was deeply touched by this tragedy. If Ty, Nick and Travis have it in their hearts to finish the ride, I’d be honored to ride with them some of the way.

  33. David Maddox Says:

    It breaks my heart to see a young guy with so much heart meet such an unfair and untimely end. My deepest condolences and ardent prayers go out to his family, friends, and fellow riders. May his memory and cause inspire more to join the good cause for which he was riding.

    From another cyclist, love and support from Arizona.

  34. Charity rides « Bike Monkey Magazine Says:

    […] John Anczarski. This 19 year old studen was bicycling cross country for the Pink Pedal Project when he was struck […]

  35. Julia Says:

    What a selfless act this young man & fellow riders set out to accomplish. Prayers, thoughts & good vibes to all his family & friends. A somber reminder to all drivers. Slow down, be aware and share the road.

  36. victor frankenstein Says:

    Heartfelt condolences.

    Our online news in Phoenix leaves much to be desired.
    They are telling us that the incident happened on tribal land and no charges have been filed.

    Please DO NOT let his death go unanswered in a court of law.

  37. diane meek Says:

    My family met the Pink Pedalers in Buffalo Grove. They all had good stories and very passionate to the cause. Our thoughts go out to everyone who knew John. He was a great person and heaven is getting another good helper.

  38. Jim Troutman Says:

    I was following these guys and the wonderful thing that they were doing, and when I heard the news about the accident, I couldn’t believe it. We will remember the family and friends in our prayers.

  39. Sad soldier Says:

    RIP john.):
    we miss you.
    We love you.
    you were the best.
    And now you cant see your future.):
    i wish i could give you my life so you can atleast see another day.):

    its painful dealing with the fact your not around but your always in our hearts.
    Im gonna remember you forever.
    And it was a good thing you did to help with the breast cancer thing…but you didnt deserve to die the way you did.):
    it hurts know i wont see you again.):
    but im sure you want us to live our lives as long as we can.
    I love you,man.!):

  40. Abby Says:

    I didn’t know John all that well, but from what I did know of him & from the few times that I’ve talked to him, I know how great of a person he was. My heart goes out to his entire family, and to all of his friends, and The Pink Pedal organization..the entire community is hurting right along with you and we’re here to help. And although this is a horrible tragedy, one that never should have happened to such a caring, and wonderful person; remember, only the good die young♥

  41. Amy Says:

    I can only say that I am so proud to come from an area that can have produced a man this fine. So exceptional that he will be missed and remembered by those who did not even know him.

  42. D. Oehrtmann Says:

    So sorry to hear about John, efferts with the Pink Peddles. I am a cancer
    survivor and know what is means to have people like John wanting to
    help reserch.

  43. Elaine-Albuquerque Says:

    I only knew the 4 young men for 2 or 3 hours , but what a great impression of love and maturity they were to me. It was as if they were family when I heard of the horrible accident. God be with you, and my sympathy to the family & friends of John

  44. Nancy, Shenandoah Says:

    I’ve shed so many tears, not only for John & Joyce, but for the whole world as we have truly lost one amazing guy! The Pink Pedal’s efforts will always remain a part of history!!!! May God comfort all of us at this very difficult time.

  45. Barbie Hasenberg Says:

    Toni Ann ~ Your story went into such depth and detail that I could hardly finish reading, through all my tears.This is another touching story that brings us all right back to the beginning of it. Thank You for sharing it with us.

    Johns life here on earth truly did make a difference, as they were all trying to do when they came to see me. Making a difference in my life as I battle breast cancer. They inspired me, my family, and my friends who were able to meet each of them. My family considers these guys as a part of the family, forever as they are “Keepers”.

    Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness to the driver, and Making Miracles happen by donating his organs to someone else whose life now gets a second chance. Thats is the Circle of Life. We will always keep John and his family in our thoughts and Prayers.

  46. krisinia Says:

    I didn’t know John personally, but I know some of the people he stayed with on his journey across the US. This is such a tragedy. The Pink Pedalers are doing such an amazing thing, bringing awareness to the horrible disease of breast cancer. I lost my sister to breast cancer in Feb. so I’ve been following these young men with interest. Please express my sincere condolences to his family and especially to the remaining Pink Pedalers…you’re all in my heart and prayers.

  47. Bear in MD Says:

    Totally heartbreaking. My prayers of peace and comfort go out to the family and friends of this young kid. And also to the strangers who were by John’s side trying to help this young man. I’m sure their lives have been effected by this as well and am sure they will never be the same. He will never be forgotten. May his legacy be carried on. God be with all.

  48. Bill Brown Says:

    Johnny Anczarski ….The world could use another million people like you ..Sorry to have to let you go ..However God above needs you more to continue his work.. Going to miss you……Love you

  49. Karla Crowley Says:

    Toni Ann: Thank you for putting your thoughts in writing, so all could read. “I HAD NO IDEA”, is a phrase that is now etched in brain. I remember receiving an email from you in late May saying: ….”Ty is on a cross country bike trip raising money for breast cancer (they call themselves the Pink Pedals), check them out on line.”
    How proud you were of them. I instantly began following their trip, every day I looked for the updates. When my sister brought me a Pink Pedals tee shirt from her trip to PA, I was thrilled. My heart is now aching for all of you. Your families are in my thoughts and prayers.
    John, Ty, Nick, & Travis ~you touched so many lives across the country~…..Love your cousin, Karla

  50. Barbie Hasenberg Says:

    The Anczarski Family is in everyones Hearts back here in Buffalo Grove, IL.
    Here is another Newspaper Article featured today for them July 1, 2010. John standing at my side in the photo.,buffalo-grove-pinkpedal-070110-s1.article

    • Karla Crowley Says:

      How amazing for you to have opened your home (and heart) to these wonderful young men. I’m sure they each took something special with them, when they left you. So many people waited every day for the updates and photos…I now look every day for a different kind of update and I was happy to see the article you posted.

  51. Kim Sylvan Says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  52. sarah-Albuquerque Says:

    I didnt know about the PINK PEDAL until John ended up as my patient. I wish i would have got to know him as well as the other three boys. They sound like wonderful boys. I hope that they will hopefully one day come back to New Mexico and start their journey again.
    The nurses and staff are proud supporters of pink pedal and alot of of us have continued to follow Pink Pedals Website as well as other stories written about John and the whole Pink Pedal gang i guess you could call us your fans now. Best wishes to you all

  53. Barbie Hasenberg Says:

    Nick, Travis, Ty, and The Anczarski Family ~ Another story run in the Chicago Tribune today, July 14, 2010.

    Your Journey was priceless, as you all gave along the way.,0,4060562.story

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