New Mexico

The Pink Pedal has been through Oklahoma and Texas in the last few days and now we are in beautiful, but desolate, New Mexico.  It is a welcomed change in landscape from the grazing-land and farms of the midwest.  Signs of civilization here are few and far between, which means finding any internet at all can be a chore (it can be nearly impossible to find a GOOD connection).

Route 66 is a shell of its former self.  Every other building we see is abandoned.   I can only wonder what it looked like in its heyday.  The surroundings here have been weathered by wind and time in what can even seem like artwork from god.  At one point John forgot he left his boat shoes on the roof of the van and realized 30 minutes later.  He found his shoes flat as pancakes on historic Route 66 and is actually wearing them right now!

We spent our first night in New Mexico camped out at a truck stop.  John and Travis slept under the New Mexico stars, while Ty and Nick slept in the van.  At the worst time possible, 3:48 A.M. to be exact, the sprinkler systems turned on and chaos ensued. Travis and John were soaked with what they thought was rain. Only to realize it wasn’t, but not before they had ran for cover. With no other choice they had to put their cots in the middle of the parking lot.  At about 7 a.m. security woke John and Travis from their sleep to inform them they don’t allow people to sleep on cots in the middle of the parking lot.  At this point it didn’t much matter, we already got our decent nights sleep.  Thanks to our early wake up we were able to cook up some breakfast in the parking lot. We enjoyed a meal of pancakes with syrup and water to drink.  Life on the road can sure be luxurious!  John even snuck into a hotel’s spa for some much needed rest and relaxation.

At the end of riding that day, we arrived in Santa Rosa, New Mexico and found a local swimming hole.   After riding through the desert all day a quick swimming session was just what we needed and counted as our bath for the day.

We even came across a fellow Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania resident traveling west like us (but by car of course) and another cross country bike rider.

Yesterday we battled a strong headwind for much of the day, but at the end of the day we were averaging over 24 miles per hour with a very strong tailwind that helped us end our day strong.  Today, we will be arriving in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the largest city in the state!  Hopefully we can do some fundraising here and get in touch with some of the local media.


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8 Responses to “New Mexico”

  1. Kelly A Rutan Says:

    Way to go Guys! Words can never describe how I feel about what you have done for this cause! You will be blessed 10 fold in heaven for this.(May all of us gain strength from your pain and sufferings.)I am sure you will look back on this in disbelief as courage and belief kept you this strong to do what you have done.
    God bless,

  2. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:

    Hey Kelly,

    Thanks for the nice words to the Pink Pedals. I did not forget to pray for your client whos daughter has breast cancer.

    Also, I brought your PINK PEDAL TEE SHIRT to Florida to give to you. Will call you over the weekend.

  3. Kelly A Rutan Says:

    OMG, When I wrote that comment on June 18th, Did I ever think that one of our special Pink Pedal pushers would be injured. Dear Johnny……..Push Darn it ! (Fight hard just like you were fighting hard for these Breast Cancer Patients.) Fight Johnny Fight. We need you. Your family needs you( Joyce and John and your brothers) and your friends need you. . We all need you!~

    • Gary Gilliam Says:

      Barbie called me today to tell me about the accident, although I only met you for a brief moment I could do nothing but cry and say a prayer! IN that moment that we met you all touched my life in a very profound way! You are all in my thoughts and prayers, Dear Johnny Hold on, fight hard, come back!! Anything, absolutely anything I can do besides pray, my staff and I are here!

  4. Sandy and Steve Anto Says:

    We love you Pink Pedal pushers. All our prayers and thoughts are with you. Don’t stop believing………..

  5. Maude Boxter Says:

    Were praying HARD for you Johnny….we love you….(((HUGS Ya real tight)))
    Love your cousin

  6. Barbie Hasenberg Says:

    Having Hope, Hoping for a Miracle! My heart goes out to each of them and the families.
    If their is anything I can do to help? Please contact me at:


  7. Bon Scott Says:

    So so sad. In our thoughts and prayers!

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