Here We Come St. Louis

Our day started by being awoken by the sprinklers spraying our tent and us ultimately arriving in Champaign, Illinois.  Champaign is a college town being home to the University of Illinois.

Thanks to Erik Hasenberg we had the pleasure of going on the radio – WPGU 107.1 to be exact.  We ate Gyros, they were good!

We are now in Decatur, Illinois also known as “The Soy City” and well on our way to St. Louis (99.6 miles away approximately).  After a night of camping at the local Wal-Mart we were in dire need of a shower.

After going through every hotel in a 10 mile area and every single one being well out of our price range, we finally got an offer by a local to crash at their place.

We are continuing our journey towards St. Louis, Missouri from Champaign, Illinois.

More on the last few days and plenty of pictures later.


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2 Responses to “Here We Come St. Louis”

  1. Maude Boxter Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Lookin’ good, and God Bless remember every night look up in the sky and know that someone is wishing on the STARS for you all……What all of you are doing is fantastic….and know that your family’s back home are so very proud of ALL of you!!!

    Love ya’s
    Maude..Johnny’s cousin!!

    p.s….KEEP ON PEDALING!!!!!


  2. Maude Boxter Says:

    Hey Guys,

    Just got back from having my big test done and I want to thank you for doing this …cus right now I would have brushed this one off….but seeing that you all are doing this means so much I had my test today…Thanks!!!!

    Love ,

    P.S. Keep on pedaling you are doing a GREAT job!!

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