Buffalo Grove and The Chicago Tribune

The Pink Pedal cruised from Chicago to the suburb of Buffalo Grove in what seemed like record time.  We were all anxious to meet Barbie and the rest of the crew she had to greet us at our stop so we really pushed it to get there.  With about a mile to go before we were to arrive, John suffered a flat tire after he fell into a massive pothole.  When we finally arrived in Buffalo Grove, we were greeted by Pink Pedal signs small and large directing us where to go.

They made us signs!!!

After following a few signs, we came around a turn and were greeted by 20+ people all taking our picture and cheering for us.  It was the biggest audience we’ve seen since we left the top of Ashland on Day 1.  It was amazing, and was a welcoming change from road raging people yelling at us to get off the road.

Coming into the neighborhood.

Once we stopped we met everyone and exchanged handshakes and hugs with everyone who helped to make it impossible.  There were also a ton more photos taken, but we didn’t mind one bit.

The Pink Pedal on Memorial Day!

After we settled down and showered, Barbie hosted an amazing barbeque in her beautiful backyard and we met a bunch of the locals and told them all about our cause.  We sold a bunch of shirts and received countless donations.  The Pink Pedal support was strong in Chicagoland.  We would like to thank Barbie and friends for the wonderful food, great atmosphere, and comfortable beds to sleep

Travis finally meeting Barbie!

We would also like to thank Gary Gilliam at The Praire House Tavern (www.prairehousetavern.com) for the support!  He not only donated to the cause, but he also heavily discounted a meal at his restaurant (which was amazing by the way) and made us sandwiches for the ride tommorrow.

The Pink Pedal at The Prairie House

It didn’t end their however, Shelley Frain and Marci Paddock offered to pay for an hour long massage session at Zaza Salon and Day Spa (http://www.zazasalon.com) for us, but the owner ultimately waived the charge for us.

First massages ever!

Our time in Buffalo Grove was memorable for sure!

Thanks to the hard work of Barbie Hasenberg and family, we wish you the best.  The Pink Pedal was featured in the Chicago Tribune today, June 1, 2010.  You can read the article HERE.


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5 Responses to “Buffalo Grove and The Chicago Tribune”

  1. Barbie Hasenberg Says:


    Read another newspaper article on the guys. Featured in the local paper Dailey Herald of the Northwest Suburbs, Buffalo Grove,IL

    Very nice that they have featured multiple photos of them!

  2. Barbie Hasenberg Says:

    Not one, Not two, but Three newspaper’s have featured the Pink Pedal here in the Northwest Chicagoland area! Amazingly awsome!

  3. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:

    Hi Barbie,
    Are you making my kid and the rest of the Pink Pedals famous or what?? Thanks for keeping us updated on all the media coverage on the Pink Pedals.

    Ty’s Mom

    • Barbie Hasenberg Says:

      I am trying my hardest to keep things alive here! Sure wish we could have a “do over” with all of them! It was such a whirl wind, and so much fun. They should be featured in another newspaper on June 24,2010.

      Anyone out there have any connections in L.A, Ca. I am attempting to get them on the Jay Leno Show. Perhaps everyone can send emails to the show also? Together we may make a difference in bringing them much deserved attention in L.A. It would be the frosting on the cake to end their “Cross Country Bike Tour” being on a show, don’t you think?

  4. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:

    Hi Barbie,
    I think it would be awesome to see them on the Jay Leno Show. I do not know anyone in L.A., Calif., but, I will send an email as you suggested to the show. Thank You again Barbie, you are SUCH AN INSPIRATION TO ALL OF US.

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