Day 8

Three Rivers, Michigan was a great stop on the journey.

We eat ALOT!

The van!

We  were forced to spend the night camping out at a Wal-Mart parking lot after other offers we received fell through.  Following a fine Wal-Mart breakfast, we set out towards the west!  We had a great ride regardless of the hot and humid temperatures and the countless detours we were forced to make because of roads prohibiting non-motor vehicles.

We also got to swim in Lake Michigan, which looks as big as an ocean from the shores of Michiana, Michigan .  It was cold but refreshing after a long ride and counted as our shower for the day!

We are now in Chicago!  Thank you Daisy Sanko for the place to stay and for giving up your bed so Travis and Ty could sleep on it!  I would also like to thank Jacques Eady for helping us out figure out a parking situation on the streets of Chicago. Apparently having a trailer in Chicago during Memorial Day Weekend can be considered suspicious and dangerous (Regardless of all of the Pink Pedal stickers).  Look for The Pink Pedal to be featured in The Chicago Tribune in the near future.


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6 Responses to “Day 8”

  1. pauly Says:

    Memorial Day, I hope you guys take a moment to remember all our FALLEN HEROES and those on active duty protecting our freedoms such as being able to ride cross country raising awareness and funds for the cure of breast cancer. I hope we will also remember all the individuals who have been affected by breast cancer. Keep up the great work!

  2. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:

    You have convinced me now that you guys can endure anything. I am so proud of you all.

    • Barbie Hasenberg Says:

      Live Interview Today at the University of IL listen on-line WPGU at: around noon Chicago time!

  3. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:

    Many thanks to Daisy and Jacques

    God Bless You

    Ty’s Mom

  4. jeannine Says:

    Hey guys!

    thinking about u and watching ur progress the whole way….been selling shirts for u guys back here at home…..hope aunt joyce got to tell u guys what i asked her to! My appointment is tomorrow ill tell her so she can keep u guys posted…..remember Thats why u guys are doing this and thanks sooo much it really means a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep ridding hard ull make it to san diego and depending on how things go back here for me i would love to meet u guys there!!!!!!

  5. Barbie Hasenberg Says:

    The Pink Pedal will be doing an interview LIVE on air today in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois on WPGU 107.1. You can listen online at The interview will be sometime around noon today June 3rd.

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