Day 4

On Day 4 of The Pink Pedal, we amassed a mere 8.7 miles.  Before looking too deeply into these numbers you must first understand the Ohio State Transportation Network.  In this state it appears that signs are put up randomly, often times pointing in random directions.  Of the 8.7 miles, 7 were in the wrong direction.  While trying to figure out how we missed a turn, Nick had his helmet and sunglasses stolen from the top of the trailer.

While we may not have gotten alot of riding done on day 4, we had our bikes fine tuned at a local shop, our trailer hitch raised at a local automobile repair shop, and even helped an older woman set up a yard sale.

Reloading and reorganizing the trailer after everything shifted around.

So before saying, “Oh The Pink Pedal did less than 10 miles today,” you must realize how much work really went into the day.

Fixing the trailer hitch at the local mechanic shop.

And we also slept in a tent behind a dumpster at a McDonalds in Aurora, Ohio….Thank you Ronald McDonald.


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One Response to “Day 4”

  1. Joyce Anczarski Says:

    Guys, Every day you make me smile with your daily summaries and photos. I don’t know whether it is like a serious documentary or like a comedy. It certainly is a nice mix. I especially like the photos of all of you and definitely the one of Ronald McDonald. You guys are truly wonderful and we miss you. Your journey has already enlightened our lives.

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