Day 5

Day 5 was much more productive than day 4, about 12 times more productive after doing some complex calculations.  We left early from our McDonalds camping area, stopped at Starbucks for internet (little did we know we have to pay for it there), and got onto the road bright and early.

We got lost for a few miles in Warren, Ohio, but quickly realized what had gone wrong.  Using an Iphone as the sole means of directions is a poor decision, especially when you are not in an AT&T service area.  It is also a good idea NOT to rely on locals for direction, as every single time they will direct you to the biggest and most dangerous highway in the tri-county area regardless of you telling them you are on a bike.

Being out of the Appalachian Mountain range was heaven for our bodies, instead of the up and down Pennsylvania forced upon us Ohio is flat and was a relatively easy ride.  We made great time, averaging almost 20 miles per hour.

One thing we noticed is Ohio roads look like they havn’t been paved or repaired in about twenty years and every other road is closed or under construction.  It seemed like every square inch was covered in potholes or giant cracks.  Potholes and road bikes are not the best combination.  On multiple occasions we were surprised to the fact we hadn’t blown both of our tires.

96 Miles later we were in beautiful Clyde, Ohio and only 40 miles away from Toledo!  The first thing we did was stop for soft serve ice cream at a shop that was shaped like a giant ice cream cone.  An eatery shaped like a giant ice cream cone has to be good and it was, along with being cheap!

Expect some video updates when we can find an internet connection faster than dial-up!


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