Day 2

We have limited internet here, but we will be sure to get a full update out to the world soon.  We received some charitable donations in Dubois, Pennsylvania and even sold a shirt to a nice waitress in Brookville, Pa.

The Pink Pedal at the Dubois Diner

Ty had some bike issues on the top of a mountain and was left alone to fix it as the other riders had already gone ahead.  With his chain popping and somehow jamming completely out of the rear derailer, it ended up taking around 30 minutes to repair with Steve having to backtrack in the van with a toolbox.

Ty’s Bike on Zion Mountain

After everything was put back in order, we finally made it to Brookville, Pa and finally organized the trailor once more at a beautiful park and fishing area.

The Pink Pedal at the park.

We spent the night camping out and talked to a few locals about the fight against breast cancer.  We couldn’t be more stoked than we are right now for the rest of this ride.  Expect pictures and a longer write-up soon.

Thank you for your support everyone!


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7 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Dakota Says:

    my nipples are hard for you guys.

  2. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:


  3. Kelly A Rutan Says:

    Do not follow where the path may lead.
    Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
    Congratulations Guys for being an inspiration to all of us.
    We are praying for all of you to be happy healthy and safe.
    Stay Strong!
    Kelly Rutan

  4. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:

    Kelly wrote a perfect inspirational message to the Pink Pedals as it describes exactly what these guys are all about with this endeavor, as well as, all others they have been involved in.

  5. Dakota Says:

    mine was pretty inspirational

  6. Paul Kowalick Says:

    Proud of all you Spartans! Most people talk a good game, but you guys stepped up and followed up on your ideas and dreams. All of you now have the respect of your friends, peers, family and most of all every Coal-Cracker in Schuylkill County. Keep a positive Mental attitude and you will succeed. Stay positive, praying for all of you. Paul

  7. Barb Warcola & Kids Says:

    Hey guys!!! Been following your adventure and it is simply awesome! There aren’t enough words to express the admiration we all have for you. Your parents are no doubt VERY VERY proud as is the rest of the Skook! You keep pedaln’ and we’ll keep praying!!!

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