Day 1

We suited up early and departed the top of Ashland at 8:00 A.M. to the cheers of a bunch of our supporters.  Ahead of us was 96.7 miles, a forecast of rain and thunderstorms, and the uncertainty of our first day of serious long distance riding.  None of us had even come close to a century ride before.

The Pink Pedal has officially begun!

What we found was a great, long ride and a few challenging climbs through the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Travis stretching out Ty’s hamstring.

Around the halfway point we stopped for lunch at a Subway.  We also want to say thanks to vitaminwater and Supreme Protein for helping us even last until lunchtime.

The rain poured on us during our biggest climb

We somehow made it to State College, Pa wet, tired, and hungry.  It was here we also realized that we have another month of this to look forward to.  There are a lot of challenges ahead, but we are ready for them.

Front Page of the Pottsville Republican and Herald
Tommorrow we had 85+ miles to Brookeville, Pa.  Stay Posted an thank you for all the support!


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5 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. dave miller Says:

    you go guys…all your NS pals say Hallo!…you can make a Daniel and Sabine movie out of this…Herr Miller

  2. trout Says:

    Keep truckin boys. keep in touch

  3. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:

    I am disappointed and concerned to find out Ty had trouble already with his new bike. What’s up with that?? Ty, if problems continue, you may want to contact the company.

  4. Dakota Says:

    yeah johnny das is eine supa. eine katze in ein auto

  5. Kim Sylvan Says:

    This is a really awesome effort you are undertaking. I live by Barb but didn’t get home until Monday afternoon, so I was sorry to miss the build-up and the welcome for you. LOVED the pink signs! Barb is so awesome, and I know she gave you a great welcome and some TLC. All the best on your trek to raise money to blot out this disease!

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