Ty and Nick on the WBRE Morning News

Ty and Nick on the WBRE Morning News being interviewed by Kyla Campbell.


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One Response to “Ty and Nick on the WBRE Morning News”

  1. Toni Ann Bereskie Says:

    You guys did an excellent job with the interview on TV. And I really liked the pink touch. Also love the pics I saw wherever I found them??

    I have been sharing your media coverage and website information to as many people as I can in Florida, so hopefully some money can be raised down here as well.

    I noticed on your website you are taking suggestions for the trip, but, I could not figure out how or where to submit them.
    So I will share my few suggestions here.

    1. Please make sure you have medical first aide supplies with you on this trip, maybe our local hospitals can donate those.
    2. My second suggestion is to have a priest and or preacher pray over and bless you all before the trip and as much as possible during the trip.
    3. In addition to asking for donations, maybe you can also ask for people to pray for your safety and success, as well as for those afflicted with breast cancer. Maybe people cannot afford to donate, but, all can pray.
    4. I heard on one of your interviews you plan to stop in St. Louis and a few other major cities, targeting colleges. You may also want to stop at HRC (Human Resource Command for the U.S Army ) in St. Louis as well. This is my army command unit and is also where the army surgeon general’s office is. I could let them know you are coming if you want me to.
    5. And lastly, you may want to let some of the health insurance plans in on what you are doing as they will often make generous donations. One suggestion is to contact Dr. Andy Bloschichak MD at Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield as he is their Vice President and is also originally from Schuylkill County. Another plan to call is Western Life in Wilkes Barre as they carry disability insurance for people diagnosed with breast cancer and I have a policy with them, so you can feel free to use my name. There are other insurance companies as well in our area.

    Also, wanted to ask you guys if there is anything you want me to do to help (aside of course from giving my suggestions, making my financial donations and praying). If so, just let me know.

    Love you guys

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